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Stop wasting time searching for a miracle marketing plan and steal my winning strategies in real time!

➡️ 100% Money-Back Guarantee If You're Not Satisfied In The First 30 Days

I've put together a weekly email series that shows you step-by-step my biggest marketing wins.

So if I win, you win.

Receive a weekly look into my biggest marketing wins with SEO, email, and social media.

No fluff, no B.S.

Just highly profitable strategies in a format that gets you from point "A" to point "B" as quickly as possible.

Learn strategies that are working right now, step-by-step.

Here's what you get:

  • (1) Email every Monday morning with my biggest marketing wins from building my multi 6-figure brand, selling my courses, and selling creative services.
  • Templates, scripts & SOPs from each win.
  • Access to my monthly Live Strategy Session (w/ Q&A)

➡️ 100% Money-Back Guarantee If You're Not Satisfied In The First 30 Days

What's In The Newsletter?

  • Step-by-step on how to execute my marketing wins (easily follow along even with no experience!)
  • Links to any templates, scripts, or SOPs needed to copy and paste my strategy
  • Links to a few videos and articles that inspired me this week
  • Exclusive discounts and free trials of the software I use to automate my strategies

This newsletter is for entrepreneurs who:

  • Want to take advantage of automation tools to bring in sales & leads daily with less effort
  • Learn how to send profitable email campaigns from someone sending over 50,000 emails per month (& making $$$)
  • Learn affiliate marketing strategies that are helping scale my multi 6-figure brand into a multi-million dollar brand (in real-time)
  • Be found on Google Search and passively bank thousands a month off of FREE search traffic (while you sleep)
  • Follow my lead with social media planning strategies that save you time and money
  • Learn how to gain ultimate visibility on social media with strategies I am testing every week

➡️ ZERO RISK Money-Back Guarantee If You're Not Satisfied In The First 30 Days

Who Am I?

Hi, I am Roy Jossfolk & I have spent more than 15 years working with clients to help them develop software, build websites and improve their online visibility.

Together with my clients, I’ve helped generate over $15 million in revenue online.

My background in brand development, programming, and digital marketing puts me in a unique position to see the business-building process from all angles.

I am passionate about helping others reach their goals.

I am looking forward to having you join my Weekly Wins Newsletter!

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Weekly Wins Newsletter

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